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News:  Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews  new Album "Song and Laughter" now available



New Album "Bluebell"  From the exciting collaboration Cupola:Ward available here

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Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews
Songs and Tunes on Vocals, Melodeons, Fiddle and Viola

New Album "Song and Laughter"  available here


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New Album "Roam" Launch Gig on 24th May at Derby Guildhall

Tickets available from: Derby Live

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Sarah Matthews

Sarah's solo album "As I Was walking" available  here

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The dance lineup with Cupola at its heart! EP available

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The Ram Company
Nine of Derbyshire's finest

Album "Walzers and Wonders - The Wakes is in Townnow back in stock

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Cross o'th Hands,
Four piece Acoustic band, Contemporary, Traditional, English and European

CD "Saint Monday"  available here

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