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"Saint Monday"

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Short samples from the following tracks are available to download:

The Nailers Song: RealMedia - MP3

The Derby Miller: RealMedia - MP3

"Saint Monday", our latest CD is now available!
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We are especially pleased with this CD, for its live and personal feel, and a notable Derbyshire focus, interspersed with other English songs, and European tunes

"Saint Monday" Track Listing:

The Nailer's Song - A snapshot history of the nail makers of Belper in Derbyshire pre the Industrial Revolution. From the inspired pen of Jim Boyes, our version tells their story to a new rhythm and instrumentation, one of their traditions lending its name to the title of this CD. Click the link for a short sample from this track - RealMedia - MP3.

Bonny Cate
- An increasing interest in the music of Derbyshire has led us to research and perform more such songs and tunes. Bonny Cate is one such tune taken from the "Ashover" collection, a book of music and associated dances which formed part of the repertoire of a local musician Joseph Harrison, around 1762. The dance is unusual, and quite complex (triple-minor), possibly being for display rather than social dances.

All Things are Quite Silent
- If "The Lowlands of Holland" tells a press-gang story from a luckless sailor's point of view, this charming tale of optimism from the "Penguin Book of English Folk Songs", gives the woman's perspective.

The Great Derby Foot Race
- "A new song on the great Foot Race that was contested on the London Road, near Derby, on the 18th day of March 1822, betwixt Jas. Wantling of Derby, and Shaw, the Staffordshire Hero for two hundred Guineas" (From Ballads and Songs of Derbyshire - Llewellynn Jewett 1867). A rip-roaring sporting tale set to music by Colin Cater.

The Beggin' -
A version from "Songs of England, Ireland and Scotland" which, while light hearted and cheery on the outside, hints at the darker side of the life. The original tune here is intertwined around a chilling Playford piece called "Kettledrum".

Fill Every Glass/Les Vingerons
- Taking a song from "The Beggar's Opera" by John Gay (1729) which sings to the glory of wine, Doug scribed a new verse to the glory of music. Since the music was originally the tune for a French Carol, it seemed appropriate in all ways to couple this song with a Bourree from Central France with the choice title of "Les Vignerons" - the vine growers. Salut!

The Derby Miller
- An old miller on his death bed tries to find a suitable replacement among his sons, a process that reveals a lot about their personal character! The original words for this were taken from Topic's "Voice of the People" collection, our version is re-written and set to a new tune. Included in the arrangement is another Playford tune aptly named "The Dusty Miller" - the coincidence was just too rich to pass up. Click the link for a short sample from this track - RealMedia - MP3

Seeing Red/The Bull Run
- After experiencing the running of the bulls at a Fiesta in the Spanish village of Orba, Sarah penned "Seeing Red", presenting the event from the bull's point of view. If it were a scoring game, I would have to say that the bulls have it one-nil by the end of the day! "The Bull Run" is a tune styled to reflect the atmosphere of a village bull run in Spain (or Stamford in Lincolnshire apparently...)

Derrière les Carreaux/Moninette
- Two dance tunes from Central France, the first by clarinet and diatonic accordeon Maestro Frederic Paris, the second learned from the "Encyclopaedia Blowzabellica" - where it is called "New Schottische No1".

Fourpence a Day
- Evidence of the proliferation of lead mining is clearly visible around the Derbyshire countryside, but the life was a hard one. Sarah learned "Fourpence a Day" at a Whitby Festival song swap and felt an instant affinity with the theme, although this song actually hails from Teesdale. With a new tune and time signature, the Derbyshire version was born.


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Press Reviews of Maidens Prayer

The Album "MAIDENS PRAYER" is predominantly original material interspersed with one or two traditional tunes. We're very pleased with it and we're sure that you will be to.

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The album has 11 tracks and is 58 minutes long.

Track Listing:
"Danby Wiske"; "Borrowed Time"; "Journey's End"; "Moth"; "Orange In Bloom"; "Waters Deep"; "Coal not Dole"; "Good Old Land"; "Caught Short"; "Cry For Home"; and of course "Maidens Prayer"

The following tracks are available in MP3 or Real Audio format:


"Journey's End":


"Waters deep":


(Cover Artwork © Pete Woolley and may not be reproduced without permission)


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HANDMADE Album Cover
Press Reviews of "Handmade"

is the debut album from Cross o'th Hands and was remixed at "The Track Station" in early 1999 for release on CD 
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Track Listing: "Lord Marlborough"; "Young Collins/Princess Royal"; "The Lorry Ride"; "The Duchess/Trip To York/Donkey Riding"; "Flatbush Waltz"; "Flandyke Shore"; "The Lazy Farmer"; "Good Times"; "The Holywell Hornpipe"; "Smiddybum"; "Hampton Caught"; "The Squawking Dwarf/the Camels Are Coming/Lizzie Lichine"; Just Good Freinds"; "Alan Muir".

MP3 / Real Audio Tracks from "HANDMADE"

Just Good Friends:

MP3 : RM

Good Times:

MP3 : RM

For more information, contact 01773 829602 or 01332 273383 or E Mail The Band

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