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"HANDMADE" Reviews "Saint Monday" Reviews Mail Order
Neil Reid - "Talk of the Town", Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland:
"Their recent album, 'Maidens Prayer', shows an enjoyable mix of songs and instrumentalsconfidence that allows them to tackle - , with good arrangements and and carry off - covers made familiar by the likes of The Oyster Band and Martin Simpson."

Wheaton-Aston Festival, Shropshire:
"….. their second album 'Maidens Prayer', an excellent showcase of their musical inventiveness."
John O'Regan, Rock n' Reel:
" 'Maidens Prayer' ..... a sweet breath of fresh air .... the sound they make is fresh and vibrant with jazz and world beat harmonies overlapping the traditional base ........ bathed in the English folk tradition with strong social comment and contemporary leanings. Cross o' th Hands are an exciting prospect, balancing their musical finesse with a sense of place and contemporary relevance both powerful and highly attractive."

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