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Alistair Brown - Green Man Reviews

.....This is a uniformly strong production and it is hard to pick favourites. It is worth mentioning that their rendition of 'All Things Are Quite Silent' ought to become the definitive version of this song, a title Steeleye Span have held (in my opinion) since 1970 and their album Hark the Village Wait. 'The Great Derby Foot Race' is guaranteed to rattle rafters in pub sessions all over England from now on, and the exquisite harmonies in their unique version of 'Four Pence a Day' resound long after the song is over.

If Cross o'th Hands is in your area, go and see them. Their live performance delivers everything that is promised in Saint Monday.


The Folk Mag

......It is very pleasing to know a group this good is available to bring new life to traditional music and song.


For more information, contact 01773 829602 or 01332 273383 or E Mail The Band

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