The Ram Company


Waltzers and Wonders - The Wakes is in Town 

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1 Mr Gavioli (I Carter)
The fairground organ sounds out, hanging in the air, beckoning you to the showground.
2 Building-Up Song(I Carter)
There’s a lot to do before we open, so we’d better get crackin’. When all the rides are set to go - it’s on with the show!
3 Roll a Penny, Toss a Ball (I Carter)
All the fun of the fair - what ride will you choose first?
4 The Helter Skelter (The Barker’s Shanty) (I Carter)
Grab your mat and it’s up the stairs and down the slide you go!
5 The House of Wax (I Carter)
The forerunner to Madame Tussauds, the travelling House of Wax with its heroes frozen in time.
6 Show Your Strength (I Carter)
Roll up, roll up! Swing that hammer and ring that bell, if you can!
7 (Tell me, Tell me) Madam Zaza (I Carter)
What will Madam Zaza see in her crystal ball for you?
8 Sam Taylor, The Ilson Giant (I Carter)
A true tale about the tallest man in Derbyshire.

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9 Julie’s Chance(S Matthews)
A chance romance one summer at the fair - will she ever see him again?


This is the CD of the exciting new show from The Ram Company, and is a musical journey through the timeless entertainment extravaganza that is the travelling fair.

“The Fairground is Building Up on the green across the way. Come, join us! Try the rides and see the attractions.... Roll a Penny, Toss a Ball, visit the old-fashioned House of Wax with its heroes frozen in time.... Ride the Helter Skelter and Show Your Strength, if you dare! See Sam Taylor the Il’son Giant, Mary Ann the Tattooed Lady and visit Madam Zaza to get your fortune told. Mister Gavioli’s fairground organ will accompany you as you ride
Hackett’s Golden Gallopers, before it’s time to Pull Down the fair one more time!”

The music is from the song cycle by Ian Carter, with additional material by John Tams, Sarah Matthews and Gareth Turner.

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10 Mary Ann, The Tattooed Lady (I Carter)
What a wonderful surprise! Come and see Mary Ann’s amazing pictures, but are they really what they seem?
11 Looking for Love (I Carter)
Madam Zaza’s introspective reflection on life.
12 Lily Gilders (J Tams)
A fine tribute to the artisans who decorated the fairground rides with their unique craft in flamboyant paint - gilding the lily all for your delight.
13a Streetfayre (G Turner)
Gareth wrote this great tune to capture the rhythm and energy of the fairground organ on the carousel at the St Crispin Street Fair that was held in Northampton each October.
13b Hackett’s Golden Gallopers (I Carter)
A mystical tale of a young girl’s love of the gallopers, Hackett's pride of the fair. Oh the joy you’ll find, riding the horses round and round. The rides are such fun, but with the fairground, magic is never far away.
14 Pulling-Down Song (J Tams)
All good things must come to an end. They’ll soon forget we’ve been, but we’ll be back next year.
15 The Fairground (I Carter)
Everyone loves a good show - they always have done - they always will! A historical look at the role of the Fairground in our community.