The Rattlers

The Rattlers finally disbanded at a Classic final gig at The Flowerpot in Derby on December 17 1999 and there are no current plans to reform the band, Sarah and John are continuing to be busy with their acoustic band "Cross o'th Hands" and Alan is intending to put more time into persuing other projects. If you never had the chance to see derbys Premier Folk rock band in action, then read on, also if you missed the chance to get hold of either of their CD's, then visit the mail order page

The Rattlers Were :

ALAN WOOLLEY - Acoustic guitar, lead vocals & harmonica

JOHN ADAMS - Electric guitar, mandolin, backing vocals & drum machine programming

SARAH MATTHEWS - Electric violin & backing vocals

PAUL GRAINGER - Bass guitar

BOZ - Drums & percussion

Rattlers CD Recordings



"Pleasures in Misadventure"

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